Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love this Hair

This girl is gorgeous and her hair is to die for!

I am in love with the bright blue and pink tips.

Random Emo poem sent in by an anonymous reader:

We see. We die. The sun rises and sets just like us, every day. A ritual of life, a routine in the world. The season changes, as people in the temps.We continue to ask questions to try to make sense of reality and yet our issue is so complicated for the life she can not even give us an answer valid .. Why live - you? To die then. We make our way and then disappear into the beyond. Heaven or Hell depending on your route. Life is beautiful. Soon to be good. Maybe not. In reality, nobody really knows what life is, how it is. It just tries to go, we just try to tame it, to do what we want. Nobody has yet succeeded. A sudden everything goes well we have a choice. And overnight, nothing, everything falls apart slowly, the choice is no longer given to vivants.C is pretty huge when meme. We actually like pawns on a chess game. All different from others. Life of shit or fucking beautiful life. Timing is everything. All depends on expressions of things. There are predictable. Neither the future nor the past, let alone the present. It from the cruelty of life. But at heart it's still great. It makes the adventure, or humans live their lives under follies. Adventurers, yes, but who know nothing about the adventure in which they embark. It's actually stupid to live, learn and finally die. But still it is a beautiful experience I confess. At least it depends who ..

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ONEwithoutFACE said...

ouuuux, it looks like my hair x)))