Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Audrey Kitching - One Trick Sista

Don't get me wrong, I love Audrey Kitching! The girl is inspirational with her fairy floss pink hair and wacky outfits. She has no shortage of "photoshoots" to attend and she is always dressed to the nines with a full head of make-up to wow us with.

And I am often wowed by her, I see a picture and I draw my breath and I say wow. This person makes a living out of this... and what amazes me the most is:

This girl has ONE expression! Count them... not two or three or a vast array but ONE! One face she always pulls no matter the pose, no matter the scenery, no matter the outfit. One sole facial expression...and I am wowed, I am wowed by the millions of photos available on the Internet of this person with the same expression in each shot, which has led me to Audrey kitching really a wax statue?

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caffeinatedmonkeys said...

no because more recently, there are a lot of pictures that show a different side, if you actually researched pictures of her she has pictures of her smiling, growling, in a few she's even eating/licking a 'bloody' knife. she just goes with the flow and if the 'flow' was 'angry scene kids with fluorescent hair' then goddamn it she wasn't just riding, she was driving that fashion wagon dude!! :)