Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blue and Pink Hair

This emo girl has awesome bright blue and dark pink colores going throuugh her side bangs.

Next time I might add some blueness to my pink hair.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Very Cool Emo Haircut

I just came across this super cute emo girl with this hott emo haircut.

I really like this emo style, it is more like a guys emo hairstyle and not so scene, this cut looks amazing with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of eyeliner!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rad Blue Emo Hairstyle

How rad is this hairstyle??? Now if I had not just cut most of my hair off I would be getting something like this hairstyle done, it is just soooo cool

I love the aqua turquoise hair color in the fringe, this emo girl is gorgeous!

Random Emo Love Poem sent in by anonymous reader:


A simple I love you might be sufficient to describe what I feel and yet I find that word very weak for the extent of feeling that haunts my body and my soul.

My heart and my head. Soon one. Sounds good, or maybe not. But no matter how many hours, days, months or even years that my heart can love. The important thing is that it's you and me, together each passing moment.

Roman. This is the name that haunts me since we met. Your face remains in my thoughts, like your voice and your skin. You just haunted me ever since you introduced yourself in the depths of me, my heart.

I could never thank you enough for giving me back the strength to love. I love you with an indescribable strength.

Nearly 6 billion people around the world and yet you ROman are enough to make me happy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scene Queen Definitions

Browsing the interwebs I came across a very interesting article in which scene queens and scene queen wannabes (as well as various other offshoots) are described in great detail and to much comic effect.

Real Scene Queens:

The Scene Queens are apparently these people: Zui Suicide, Jeffree Star, Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed and Hannah Beth.

Zui Suicide:
She has the right idea here with all her childhood nik naks hanging off her person and some colorful synthetic extensions, this woman is a genius, she turned this into a style.

Jeffree Star:
This guy knows the score, he ain't no wannabe. Careful he might feed you something that will make you fat.

Audrey Kitching:
Scene Queen royalty and prime example that multiple wardrobe changes and photo shoots with the exact same facial expression in each one can still make you hot to trot on the Internet.

Raquel Reed:
Well all I can say here is that her hair is pretty, it's blue, she changes her poses up a bit and she employs professional photoshoppers, very nice.

Hannah Beth:

These people are in the know with things like acrylic paint for their eyes (please do not try this at home kids), organising professional photographers to do photo shoots with (all with cash from their own pockets), plastic jewellery and crazy block color hairstyle often with some different colored extensions put in. They are VIPs (very important people) in the realm of their own minds oh and also enjoy some Internet fame....nice!

These scene queens give hope to many and prove that you do not have to really look like a model to be one, just be eccentric and off the wall with some cheap plastic earrings and some funky ass hair and start a photobucket account for your glamour shots.

Scene Queen Wannabes

Then we have the Scene Queen Wannabees who are such hopefuls as Kiki Kannibal, Lexi Lush, Ophelia Vanity, Kat Frappucino and Brittany Kramer.

Kiki Kannibal:
Looks like a right proper scene queen and pretty too however she unfortunately runs in the wrong social circles :(

Lexi Lush:
"Here are all my little ponies from my childhood years, let me tie a cord around their necks and pin them to my hair" wrong social circles...sorry.

Ophelia Vanity:
This is a good example of what happens with no cash, a camera, a tripod and a lonely person.

Kat Frappucino:
So much a wannabe there is apparently no picture of this person available anywhere...hmm that kind of makes her seen like a bit of a VIP. How did she get known about without ever thing you know a trio photo shoot with the Scene Queen Royalty of Audrey Kitching and the older one Zui Suicide will be organised to much Internet audiences anticipation worldwide.

Brittany Kramer:
I personally don't mind this one too much, she looks kinda cool. I guess she just doesn't have the right Hello Kitty paraphernalia about her person.

Remember the Club Kids?

By the way, this kind of thing has been happening for years, google Club Kids, Michael Alig or James St James and see how past generations did it with style. They also did commit murder though so hmmm these bitchy teen politics can end up a bloody mess muahahaha.

Anyway make your way over to the scene queen article for more laughs oh and leave a comment here if you like too.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About Emo Style

Emo wardrobe and style is a big part of the emo movement, of course Emo music plays a very important role and often acts as inspiration to a very unique style.

There is no doubt that punk and goth subcultures play a very big part in the current emo style that many teenagers are sporting these days. Many describe emo fashion as taking the goth style (too much eyeliner, black hair with strips of vibrant color, skulls and crosses, you get the idea) and making it tighter and more cutsie (perhaps incorporating more manga hairstyles and Japanese youth paraphernalia like Hello Kitty)

Emo fashion also developed from a more nerdy somewhat indie and grunge look (like greasy dark hairstyle, your grandfathers old grey cardigan and his thick rimmed glasses, anything super old and moth eaten found in a second hand just think of Weezer).

What is considered to be Emo today has really evolved to become something much more trendy and staged, think of all the "scene" queens and kings out there. But the emo look has really spread to a wide variety of youths who identify with each other for being outcasts and sensitive souls.

Blue Emo Hair

I think this emo girls hair is totally AMAZING!!!

I wonder if this has been photoshopped to look such an awesome royal blue hair color. None of my friends have ever been able to get their hair such a vivid blue.
Oh I think I am in love with this emo girls hot blue emo hairstyle.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pink and Platinum Emo Pixie

Here we have a beautiful hair color on a cute emo girl.

I don't know why but at the moment I cannot get enough of the pink hair look and I love how it is combined with the platinum blonde and cut onto the cute pixie haircut.

Emo Pink Bangs

Gorgeous emo girl with amazing pink hair!

I really love this cute emo girl's hairstyle