Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rad Blue Emo Hairstyle

How rad is this hairstyle??? Now if I had not just cut most of my hair off I would be getting something like this hairstyle done, it is just soooo cool

I love the aqua turquoise hair color in the fringe, this emo girl is gorgeous!

Random Emo Love Poem sent in by anonymous reader:


A simple I love you might be sufficient to describe what I feel and yet I find that word very weak for the extent of feeling that haunts my body and my soul.

My heart and my head. Soon one. Sounds good, or maybe not. But no matter how many hours, days, months or even years that my heart can love. The important thing is that it's you and me, together each passing moment.

Roman. This is the name that haunts me since we met. Your face remains in my thoughts, like your voice and your skin. You just haunted me ever since you introduced yourself in the depths of me, my heart.

I could never thank you enough for giving me back the strength to love. I love you with an indescribable strength.

Nearly 6 billion people around the world and yet you ROman are enough to make me happy.


Cruzisconfused said...

Where did you get that picture!?

meow said...

Really cute :D .. Loving it much. So many people have been using this one on Polyvore!

I want my scene hair like this.

Anyone know how to get hair like this?

Keeleigh said...

I'm getting my hair done like this on wednesday! Im using this picture and im getting it done BUZZING