Friday, February 20, 2009

Very Cool Emo Haircut

I just came across this super cute emo girl with this hott emo haircut.

I really like this emo style, it is more like a guys emo hairstyle and not so scene, this cut looks amazing with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of eyeliner!

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Emiliana said...

How to get this emo hairstyle. I have ,my hair very similar. please excuse my english its not so good.

Hairstyling emo style needed some work and keep it may require more, depending on the type and texture.

Emo hair is always straight and smooth, so if this is what you seek, you must use the dryer to straighten or remove the airwaves as much as possible. Then, the hair should be smoothed with an iron.

Hair should have more volume up and look thinner on the sides. To add volume up, must straighten up, comb it back and use the dryer from the roots upwards, adding shellac on the root area.

Then, lowering his head, adding up hair lacquer to give extra volume. You must add wax to the hair from the middle to the ends to create the look sharper and brighter.

Here you can share ideas in practical advice on how to comb your hair emo.