Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hayley Williams is Cool Without Even Trying

This blog is called My Hair is Emo, I spend a lot of time focusing on scene queen types, mainly because they provide endless amounts of ammunition (self portraits, "photoshoot") for me to work on. And lets face it, those types thrive on blogs like this - they are "Internet famous". That is why it is so special every now and then when I feel inspired to write about someone with talents that go beyond the stroking of ones own ego. I am talking about Hayley Williams of Paramor fame!

And isn't she oh so cool without even having to try! she makes rad music! she doesn't need to be a poser.

How old is Hayley Williams from Paramor?
She was born on Dec 27 1988, right between Christmas and New Year, what a treat for her parents!

What is she known for? What is her trademark?
Flame red hair, always cut in a cool emo style.

Hayley Williams is not just hot...she is Hayley Williams hot!


Brittany said...

Hayley Rocks! She has a great voice and i love the new album: "Brand New Eyes"! She has an ah-mazing voice!!!!!!!





Anonymous said...

Hayley Williams is nice!

I own 2 albums

Brand New Eyes

Both are awesome. Their music is inspiring and Hayley is one of the hottest people i have EVER seen.

Anonymous said...

hayley willims is my idol and i've always wanted her hair style shes so pretty blond and with her amazing hair the color orange is amazing on her she rocks Rigid Bridgid rocks ! Paramore rocks

Anonymous said...

It's Paramore not paramor.