Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hannah Beth

Most times I don't often get what Hannah Beth is about....but these photos are extremely cool.

Now I have watched enough America's Next Top Model (secret shame...shut up!) to know all about lighting and working out how the light hits your face and all that Bull Shit. Obviously Hannah Beth knows about this stuff too and has realised that her face is best photographed when cocked to the side with her chin down.

and I have to agree it's a good look, try it at home kids, tilt your face in this way and you may find it is a great angle for you face.

But come on Hannah Beth give us something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you think watching ANTM means you know about lighting, then you know nothing about lighting.

My Hair Is emo said...

Why thankyou anonymous for your negative input, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

that is Hannah Beth? Never heard of uu should not such a good singer or actress or whatever ur!