Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dani Gore - Take Two

Dani Gore, take two, there are so many amazing images of this beautiful scene girls that I just had to do another post. Oh Dani Gore you are rocking my world (for this moment at least) ;)

Adding some blonde streaks to the mix. I really like your t-shirt Dani Girl.

One of her most winning combinations in my opinion, the black and pink hair - I likey!

Dani Gore a little bit less extreme with shorter hair. Still just as pretty!

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Anonymous said...

OMGZ I am so bored. I love her. She is so awesome. I don't take her seriously, of course. (I hate scene kids, although she looks alot better now.) Anyway her music is so bad to the point that it's good. So Dani, thankyou for the "music!" Teh "songs" you're "singing." Fangz 4 all da lulz ur givin! Yeah, whatever, I love ABBA. Oh noez! They're not "scene!" Maybe I shouldn't mention them on this hardxcore site.

Anonymous said...

Dani Gore makes music?

now i am really out of the loop ;P

Kelsey said...

she looks like any other scene girl just not as hot.