Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dani Gore - The Brown Eyed Scene Queen

Dani Gore has a an amazing sexy very very emo hairstyle. I especially love this hairstyle here with the black hair up the top and the bleached blonde at the bottom framing her gorgeous face and the long tied dyed purple bits.

And now for all black emo hair and a little spider up the top for some fun. Do try this at home. Use lots of hairspray up the top to get that iconic emo look.

Scene Queen Recipe:
Some pretty pink bows and a dash of hello kitty merchandise with some hot pink streaks in among sexy black emo hair .

Do use a ton of makeup and self photograph yourself holding the camera way up high above your head and digitally enhance the image with your super dooper photoshop skills, make sure your REALLY blow the picture out so your face look like a ghost - just like Dani Gore.

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Anonymous said...

These girls from my country are so cuteeee :D

They're my friends :]