Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Do Scene Hair

Here are some pics from a cool clip on how to do scene hair.
Basically the only things you need are a fine tooth comb and a truckload of hairspray!

Start off by spraying your roots with hairspray:

And begin teasing hair, make sure you leave your bangs straight and pinned down so they don't get in the way:

As you tease hair remember to keep spraying them with hairspray so that the hair will hold:

And just when you thought you could not take the fumes keep spraying some more!

And here you are with your scene hair as pretty asa peach!

Now if you want to watch the video here it is below!


Dr D. J Garry said...

cool hair...just tease and sprak eh!

Anonymous said...

after you hair spray your roots, tease your roots before you tease the ends. it'll stay up longer.

Anonymous said...

and this is how you kill your hair.

Samantha said...

Sweet thx for the tips nad vid it helped a ton!!!

Sly1996 said...

True about the whole kills your hair thing. When time to wash you have to brush out all the hair spray and teasing... OUCH! I've done it a bunch of times and not even detangler will get it not to rip my hair out.

Anonymous said...

your suppose to wash and brush it out not just brush it out

Anonymous said...

Now how to not get my mom to flip out when she sees my hair... It looks great!!!
~Samantha KH

Anonymous said...

great i know how to do that know but whats the name of the song that was playing during the video?

Heather said...

that is awesome. i will totally do that when i get my hair done in a couple of weeks i cant wait to see how it turns out XD thanks hun that helps a lot!!! XD