Monday, November 23, 2009

Pink and Blue Scene Hair

Adding bits of bright pink and lush blue to your emo scene hairstyle is eye catching. Looks great mixed in with jet black hair.

You can let the red and the blue hair dye combine in parts to create a gorgeous purple blend in the mix.

Blue pink and purple hair is a killer combination on bleach blonde scene hair

Or just color your entire hair a nice shade of pale pink and add some blue accents.


vain said...

First photos is cool, she is pretty. last pic is FUGLY...wasted scene girl with stragley dull pink hair WHATEVER

Addyson said...

I think they're all pretty. The last one looks fine, its just a paler set of colors.

Anonymous said...

That's Danielle distortion aka elisha-danielle. and shes NOT FUGLY at all. this is another picture of her
shes gorgeous, and her hair isnt alwaus pale.