Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hayley Williams Pics

Hayley Williams from Paramore rocking it out with awesome bleach blonde hair!

Hayley William's MTV Awards red carpet look, love the green dress!

Hayley Williams with cool dark red hair.

Blonde, blonde, blonde....The goregous Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams
Backstage before a show:


Anonymous said...

Hayley Williams hair looks amazing blonde! but i still prefer her as a reddhead.

IwantURsoul said...

Hayley Williams GUITAR HERO

Heather said...

Oh Hayley Williams is beautiful, looks amazing with any hair color.

Anonymous said...

Hayley William makeup is so natural and perfect. I want to do mine like that. Anyone know how to do that?

Anonymous said...

I love Hayley... she's amazing

but I don't know why she went blonde.
I like her better as a red head

but I still love her and she still looks fricken amazingly sexy with blonde hair :P

peace <3

steve said...

Hayley Williams is HOT! but I have to agree with the person above, I still prefer the red hair more, much sexier.

Anonymous said...

looks washed out way better with red hair, blonde is so norm and plastic barbie!

Anonymous said...

Hayley is so sexy!!

i like drink her sweet saliva!

yomi yomi =P

Anonymous said...

her red hair is way better, it stood out so well, but she looks pretty with any hair colour.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Luna Lovegood with blonde hair :)

neiljie said...

hayley look old in this picture!she looks like an old one because of her natural makeup!but otherwise, i like this. eventhough her make up is simple one she`s still beatiful! love yah..