Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sommer and Lauren?

Sommer and Lauren two "scene queens" that have gone down the professional looking photo shoot path and are nice and polished but a tiny bit nondescript.

Gauging their faces with chips in a polished way, maybe a bit of emo high school girl with decent make-up tips but where is the real trash glamor?

This pic is fun in a creepy we are going to kill everyone way...me likey!

In fact I am not even sure if the pics above are all of the same people, correct me if I am wrong please!

Now this is more like it! Who is the hot guy with the tats?


Anonymous said...

who are these people??! never heard of them before

meow said...

creepy twins pic in the white dresses are cool

Keloids said...

These girls are a bunch of keloids