Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beautiful Emo Eyes

This hot emo girl is whorer-movie. She is quite the photographer.

Very beautiful eyes and cool hair in all different pink and blue pastel hues.
This time in black and blonde.

Side fringe more visible and shorter hair. Great streaks in the fringe.


Anonymous said...

beautiful eyes, love them <3

Anonymous said...

first painting is the same with the two?,because my heart stopped!, that girl looks like a girl broke my heart:(((,:(((

I need to know,Who is the girl in the first painting??????????,???

seriously?:(((Who is the girl:((((

Why complain?:(Man is a nuisance and sinful, but he cries after a mistake is not thinking about anything, just after it wrong:(

S.Ali said...

Dude tell me who this chick is, she looks exactly like my best friend its scary